Hey Christians ... Who Are We?

In 2 Corinthians 5:20 Paul declares "we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us." This is an amazing statement if you thing about it. Being an ambassador is a high honor, especially if the one we are representing is the Lord Jesus Christ.

I can remember growing up in the church thinking that only a special, gifted few were ambassadors. After all, in the world of foreign policy, there is only one per country. But recently, in researching for a class on the Holy Spirit it occurred to me that the ascended Christ actually sent God the Spirit as his ambassador. The whole purpose of the Spirit was and is to represent God the Son, proclaiming the truth about him and convicting the world through that truth so as to turn their hearts to follow and trust in the Savior. We can safely define the role of the Spirit simply as the commissioned ambassador of Jesus Christ.

And then it hit me. If the Holy Spirit is the ambassador of Christ, then all those in whom he dwells are ambassadors for Christ as well. This ought to give us goose bumps if we really understand what is happening here. Jesus Christ is empowering each Christ-follower to be his Spirit-enabled ambassador, to represent him and the transforming power of the Gospel in our own spheres of influence. 

So, Christ-follower ... stop wondering where you significance lies. Stop searching for ways to prop up your self-esteem. Stop trying to find your significance in the things this world appreciates for all the wrong reasons. You and I are meant for better things. We've been given a grand posting, as a commissioned, Spirit-fueled representative of the King whose Kingdom has begun, and is guaranteed to rule over all things on day. 

Picture Credit: "Crowd Of People" by xedos4; Freedigitalphotos.net