Sovereignty as Refuge

Last night I received a phone call from a Bible study group from another church, in another town. They were knotted up in the consideration of God's sovereignty over all things. Fortunately, the Kings had just wrapped up Game 3 of the Stanley Cup playoffs when the call came in, and I was glad to give them my understanding. My primary point was that, far from being offended or shocked by  God meticulous superintendency of all things, they should be thankful. Thankful that there are no maverick molecules, no breakdown in gravity or other natural systems, no inconsistency in the laws of physics, chemistry, biology. That God "works all things after the counsel of his own will" is our protection against a random, unpredictable universe rocketing out of control. And that, in his sovereignty, he would call us to faith in Christ, the Spirit working life through the Gospel, is the work of God for which we should be most thankful.