Major General Harold Greene

Today we learned that the highest ranking American soldier to die in Afghanistan was killed by a Taliban operative masquerading as an Afghan soldier. The shooting took place at a military academy involved in training. Major General Harold Greene died in a kind of war we still don't understand. What we do know is terrorism feeds on the depravity of the human heart. Those involved give evidence that they, as Paul proclaimed, are "suppressing the truth in their unrighteousness."

General Greene died for being an American. He died for doing his duty. He died at the hands of a zealot whose mind is blinded by sin. 

Today we mourn the General's death and pray for his family. We pray as well for God to protect humanity from the ravages of sin as we - his church - understand just how desperate our mission is, to bring the gospel to bear on lives near and far. We must be more radically committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ as the only means of bringing peace, both in this life, and the next.