Super Bowl Theology

As a avid Seahawk fan, I was disappointed, maybe even a bit devastated with the last minute loss.  But, providentially, being a Seattle fan is not my highest level of identity. I am, by God's own sovereign choosing, and the ministry of the Spirit through the gospel, a recipient of the finished redemptive work of Jesus Christ. This means my primary, foundational, and eternal identity is this: I belong to Christ, and am a new creature in him.

So, here's the lesson I'm taking away from Superbowl XLIX:

"You can be a great person, achieve success, and even enjoy a large chunk of luck. But, when it comes down to the final play of life, if you have made the wrong decision you will lose everything ... and there will be no second changes.  The smart play? Understand you can't win on your own, that your own pride and sinfulness are deceiving you, and turn in repentance and faith to entrust your life to Jesus Christ. You'll never, ever, ever regret it."