Delighting in What?

The author of Psalm 1 presents a contrast between the wicked person, and the one who is blessed of God. But we have to be careful how we read it. He isn’t saying “if you do all the right things God will bless you.” No. He is answering this question: How can you tell the person whose life has been blessed by God?

 And the answer he gives is pretty simple: Those God has blessed value God’s Word, and delight themselves in it.

 They don’t do it to gain God’s gracious favor … because grace is never earned. Rather, they delight in God’s Word because, through it, they grow more and more to know, and love, and obey the Almighty One, the Creator and sustainer of all things … who has come to them as Loving Father, and gathered them into his everlasting love.

Delighting in God’s Word is not what we do to win God’s heart; it is what we do to dwell close to it.