Grace and Works

Have you ever noticed how sometimes, those of us who believe we’re saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, start getting nervous if someone starts talking about “good works?”

But, while nothing we can ever do can earn forgiveness for sin, the Bible is filled with God’s call for his people to be all about doing good.

Someone has said “good works provide a platform of good will from which to launch the good news.” We need to write that boldly on our hearts.

God saved us for a reason, and it isn’t just so we can enjoy the benefits of being in his family. He saved us so through us he could expand his family, drawing men and women and boys and girls out of the realm of death and darkness, and into his love and life eternal.

It’s his part to do the saving, but our part to build that platform of good works, the better to proclaim Good News!