Three Erroneous Arguments for Abortion

As the Planned Parenthood videos have become major talking points I have watched and waited to have a say. Several things about the whole issue amaze me. I'm amazed that the tribalism surrounding abortion has so calcified rational thought that some can still argue for abortion as civilized, progressive, and humane. It seems to me those willing to abandon common sense and logic in defense of such barbarism do it for political reasons, and primarily to keep the female vote in their corner. 

What amazes me even more is that women are so vocal in defense of abortion, insisting their opponents are waging a "war on women." How can they be so blind as not to see how abortion and the industry profiting from it are howitzers pointed directly at their unique ability to conceive, give birth, and mother a child?

The pressure to remain loyal to their political tribe has created a number of false, even dangerous, arguments used today by women in support of abortion on demand. Here are three of them, along with analysis and response.

1. It's my body: This is a clarion call today among abortion supporters. Their point is a person should have the right to do with their body whatever they choose. Of course this is false on its face, as prohibitions against drugs, and other substances aptly demonstrate. In many ways society had determined many things you can't do with your body.

But there is an even more blatant error here, as the Planned Parenthood videos clearly demonstrate. Whose parts are being carefully preserved for sale? Is the woman losing any of her body parts? No! The fetus is not a female body part, and never will be. The fetus is already its own body, separate from the woman's body, with parts that are already functioning. To scream "it's my body" is not only arrogant but classically ignorant. 

2. I'm pro-choice: The whole idea of "choice" here has been completely re-imagined. Those dedicated to the abortion industry have decided the only decision-point that matters is the one you face when involved with an unwanted pregnancy. Further, the only person with a choice is the mother. The father of the unborn, the grandparents of the unborn, the friends of the father and mother of the unborn ... all are locked out of the choice even though they have a huge stake in the life living in the womb.

But even more important is the idea that the consequences of previous choices can be wiped clean by the choice to abort. Here's the deal: All you who are so tenaciously fighting for your right to choose, how about you choose rightly before you conceive? How about you think clearly about the physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences of a lifestyle that engages in sexual activity without any thought to the mature, parental responsibilities that come with adulthood? Don't champion choice is you're not willing to put some rational, mature thought into all your choices. 

3. I don't want a man telling me what I can and can't do with my body: Having already dispensed with the "my body" argument, let me clear up the "I don't want a man" thing. If you give this argument any credence you have to see that it would logically include restricting men from ever legislating laws or rules that affect women. Imagine the outrage that would ensue if a group of soldiers went public saying "We don't want a woman telling us when we have to go to battle" as in a female President. The whole argument is not only short-sighted, but ultimately falls back on every woman who has a male boss, or lives in a district with a male Representative. And what about the judicial system where male judges pass sentence on female criminals every day?

But what is even more heinous is the clear fact that the entire abortion industry is male-dominated and serves to protect the interests of the predatory males in our society who go around bedding as many women as they can with impunity. 

Here's how it works. Men who go from bar to bar, woman to woman, and bed to bed are completely protected from the consequences of their immoral behavior. They use women in a game of sexual conquest and when pregnancy occurs they step aside, leaving the woman to enlist the help of the abortion industry. And, at the other end of the abortion event is an industry making millions of dollars yearly for the men at the top. Men use women sexually, who then go to an industry that uses them again financially.

Now I ask you: Who is preying on the woman of America? Who is waging a war against women for the purposes of sexual satisfaction and financial gain? The answer is easy. It is those who have convinced women that abortion is their friend. 

As a nation we have now aborted over 55 million lives. Let that sink in. And now we find those "evacuating" the babies are selling their little organs and parts for profit, and dressing up their atrocities in the finery of "scientific research." 

Can it be that the dehumanizing effect of this ongoing tragedy is having no effect on our national soul? Can it be that God will allow a nation so dedicated to evil to stay strong? The answers are tragic but true. Our national soul is fast replacing righteousness and morality with the wicked dictates of self-centered immorality. And our strength as a people, as a nation, is deteriorating on so many fronts. 

When Jeremiah sat on the wall of Jerusalem in 586bc he saw the Babylonian army surrounding the city. God had declared their utter defeat as punishment for their gross idolatry and wickedness. The people of Israel had forsaken their God, and his honor and justice would now be served.  In the midst of the anxiety he felt over the impending judgment, the prophet penned these words: 

The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases;     his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning;    great is your faithfulness.  “The LORD is my portion,” says my soul,    “therefore I will hope in him.” The LORD is good to those who wait for him,   to the soul who seeks him. (Lamentations 3:22-25)

Even as we despair and plead in prayer for our country, our hope is not tethered to our earthly citizenship. Our hope is in the Lord. His steadfast love never ceases. We may suffer under the judgment our nation deserves but our hope endures. We will be here to testify to his grace and truth, even in the midst of adversity, setting our minds and hope on the promise that one day we will dwell with Him, in a new earth where only righteousness will dwell. "Even so, come Lord Jesus!"

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